Jul 16, 2015

Back to Chicago

Friday August 21st R. Mutt returns to Chicago to play with old friends The Gyps at Phyllis' Musical Inn located at 1800 West Division, Chicago, IL 60622-3113.   Since 1989 we have been playing with Dan Whitaker and his bands June Bug Massacre, Great Plains Gypsies, and now The Gyps.   Always an entertaining show.

Come out early to catch the Mutt set (10:00pm,) then stay late to enjoy a beer as the band kicks back and takes in the musical stylings of Dan Whitaker and the boys.

We will be playing most of the songs off of our upcoming album and this show also marks our first performance with new guitarist, Dave Smolarek.

R. Mutt and The Gyps
Friday, August 21st
Phyllis' Musical Inn
1800 West Division Street      
Chicago, IL 60622-3113
(773) 486-9862

Apr 29, 2015

New Boss same as the... wait, nevermind

It had to happen sooner or later and after 27 years, four self produced records and an EP, it is offically later.   We are proud to announce that our upcoming record is being produced by Kevin Blackwell of Portland based Sassparilla (Fluff & Gravy.)

Kevin has known the band since the early 90's when his first band, Blue Utah, shared the stage in and around Milwaukee.   Former R. Mutt guitarist, Dan Power, also played with Kevin in Blue Utah.

Besides engaging with us as we finalized song structures and arrangements, Kevin engineered and ran all the tracking and overdub sessions through early Spring and is getting ready to track our vocals.

Most recently, Blackwell produced the latest Hillstomp full length, Portland, Ore, and also co-produced the new Sassparilla record, Pasajero/Hullabaloo, with The Eels' Chet Lyster.

Kevin promises to help birth a new record that more deeply embodies the inner essence of R. Mutt or something like that, we really can't remember.   After he said he would do the editing and find someone to do the mixing, we just said "Yes."

Nov 13, 2013

Heading to the studio

Ok, we are breaking out the old notebooks of crappy lyrics and getting to work on a new batch of songs for you all to enjoy.   If you don't hear from us in a month or two, send pizza.

Sep 9, 2013

Old Dog, Old Tricks

So, in 1988 when Mike and Paul first met at UWM they hatched the plan of starting a band.    Jim was added, then Ron and the band was officially off the ground with our first gig in April of 1988 at the now destroyed, Thoma's Bar and Grill.   Both Mike and Paul have moved on from the band, but when asked for a company function if they could field a band, they reassembled the original line up of R. Mutt for one show.

Yeah, the show is at a mall.   We play well with the stroller set.

So, if you have had a hankering for songs off the first three records or just to see us all back together again come one out to Bayshore this Friday at 5:30 for two sets of Old Mutt.

Friday, September 13th @ 5:30pm
Bayshore Town Center
5800 N. Bayshore Drive
Glendale WI, 53217

Then, don't forget to come on down to the beach on Saturday (9-14) at 8:00pm for a sweet set with the current line up as we close out a full day of music as part of Jigglesfest at Bradford Beach.

Sep 5, 2013

Drew is here to murder guitars

It is officially official. Drew Bark is R. Mutt. Drew comes to us from a string of sideman gigs with wealth of tasty influences, fancy effects pedals, graphic tees and misplaced anger.

Here he is serving up some Guided By Voices from our slot at Schuba's opening for Lee Bains III.

Thanks again to Heather for taking the time to get this video!