Jan 3, 2017

The Dash - Album Preview and Preorder

That is right kids, the record is wrapped up, mixed, mastered and off to manufacturing.   Barring any unforeseeable disasters at the Cleveland production plant, we should have LP and CD's in the mail to all preorders by mid March.   As promised we are going to be previewing songs, one or two a week, for the next two months leading up to our Shank Hall Gig with dada on March 1st.

"The Dash" is R. Mutt's 5th full length recording of original music.   The record marks the first studio appearance of both Dave Smolarek on guitar and Matt Schreier on drums, who are joined by the band's primary song writers and vocalists, Ron Thornton and Jim Dier.   The band enlisted the help of friends of the band Jamie Kane and Michael Stodola for some key lyrics.

This album presents a more aggressive and emotional sound than recent releases due in no small part to the creative direction and prodding of producer, Kevin Blackwell.  Kevin signed on to be producer/collaborator/den mother upon his move from Portland to Milwaukee.   Kevin also called in his good friend and mix engineer Chet Lyster (The Eels, The Jayhawks, Lucinda Williams)  to put an edge on the sound not present in our past recordings.

So, in the space above we will be sharing the playlist of the new record. We will add a song or two to the playlist every week.   Keep visiting to hear the whole album.   If you just cannot wait to have it all, we are taking LP and CD preorders as well as digital download orders right now, which will grant you an immediate download of the entire album in the format of your choosing.

We hope you all like this record as much as we do.  Give her a listen, let us know what you think and see you at Shank Hall on March 1st.

Dec 1, 2016

First review for new record just in

While his list of reviewing credits may not be long, his opinion is not taken lightly.   Our producer's son, Grady Blackwell just named the title track of our forthcoming record one of his favorite things.  We are proud to be mentioned in the same company as cake, purple and Star Wars Legos.
Grady Blackwell's Best of list for 2016

Nov 17, 2016

New record mixing

Chet (\chĕt\): n - A masculine given name, often a nickname for Chester, which means fortress or camp.  

The Chet (\thə chĕt\):  prop. n - Name given to the current guitarist for the Jayhawks, longtime member of The Eels, sometimes guitarist for Lucinda Williams, and generally outstanding maker of music who took our songs from good to great.
Kevin Blackwell and Chet backstage at Turner Hall

What does Chet have to do with R. Mutt you ask?  Well, in addition to his many illustrious guitar slinging duties, he also happens to have some mad music mixing chops.   Kevin brought Chet to our project after working with him successfully on the last two Sassparilla records as well as Hillstomps' 2014 release, Portland, Ore.

Working remotely from his secret bunker in the Pacific Northwest, between legs of the current Jayhawks tour, Chet is being guided by Kevin to transform the audio bewailing that is R. Mutt into a mellifluous, auditory offering suitable for the ears of the masses.

We have not had the opportunity or pleasure of meeting Chet, but we are told he is generally enjoyable to be around.

Jul 4, 2016

"In short, I can play and I’m looking for other talented musicians."

In October of 2011, on the heels of the release of Leash on Life, R. Mutt placed an ad titled "Seeking Drummer."  Our first reply was from Matt Schreier.   He was brief, and to the point:
"I am a 41 year-old drummer, live in Crystal Lake and have been playing drums since I was a kid.  I’ve played everything from rock, blues, rockabilly/swing, jazz, country and metal. I’ve played out in venues ranging from a few drunk locals in a dive bar to crowded outdoor festivals in the summer. In short, I can play and I’m looking for other talented musicians.  Matt"
He showed up at our practice space, set up his kit and it took all of 45 seconds of playing together for us to know we had found our new drummer.  

This month Matt learned that his job is relocating him to the East Coast.   We have been lucky to have performed at Summerfest, Schuba's, Shank Hall, and to share the stage with the likes of Ike Reilly, Two Cow Garage, Stereoactive, and Lee Bains.  

Matt is an incredible drummer and about one of the best guys you could ever hope to hang with.   We are excited for our upcoming album that features Matt as part of the line up shown above.

Everyone from the extended R. Mutt family wishes Matt and his family the best on their new adventure and, R. Mutt is again, "Seeking Drummer."
Dave, Jim, Ron and Matt

Jul 16, 2015

Back to Chicago

Friday August 21st R. Mutt returns to Chicago to play with old friends The Gyps at Phyllis' Musical Inn located at 1800 West Division, Chicago, IL 60622-3113.   Since 1989 we have been playing with Dan Whitaker and his bands June Bug Massacre, Great Plains Gypsies, and now The Gyps.   Always an entertaining show.

Come out early to catch the Mutt set (10:00pm,) then stay late to enjoy a beer as the band kicks back and takes in the musical stylings of Dan Whitaker and the boys.

We will be playing most of the songs off of our upcoming album and this show also marks our first performance with new guitarist, Dave Smolarek.

R. Mutt and The Gyps
Friday, August 21st
Phyllis' Musical Inn
1800 West Division Street      
Chicago, IL 60622-3113
(773) 486-9862

Apr 29, 2015

New Boss same as the... wait, nevermind

It had to happen sooner or later and after 27 years, four self produced records and an EP, it is offically later.   We are proud to announce that our upcoming record is being produced by Kevin Blackwell of Portland based Sassparilla (Fluff & Gravy.)

Kevin has known the band since the early 90's when his first band, Blue Utah, shared the stage with us in and around Milwaukee.   Former R. Mutt guitarist, Dan Power, also played with Kevin in Blue Utah.

Besides engaging with us as we finalized song structures and arrangements, Kevin engineered and ran all the tracking and overdub sessions through early Spring and is getting ready to track our vocals.

Most recently, Blackwell produced the latest Hillstomp full length, Portland, Ore, and also co-produced the new Sassparilla record, Pasajero/Hullabaloo.

Kevin promises to help birth a new record that more deeply embodies the inner essence of R. Mutt or something like that, we really can't remember.   After he said he would do the editing and mixing, we just said "Yes."