Jan 4, 2018

(Don't) Stop the Presses!

A printing plate fitted to a cylinder of a rotary press during printing at Thomson Newspapers London Office circa 1950.

The reviews are in, and we could not be more humbled.  (Well, I suppose we could skip the part where we repost our favorite compliments...)  2017 was a great year for R. Mutt.  The reaction to our new record, The Dash, has been stellar, local support from both WMSE and 88Nine in spinning our songs has introduced us to new fans, and we shared stages with great bands like Stereoactive, The Dexateens, The Gyps and dada.

If you have not seen any of the reviews of the record, most of them are linked below.   You can also hit our PRESS page to see reviews of our past records. 

We are looking forward to another great year and hope to see you out in MKE or Chicago.   Say "Hi."  We might buy you a beer.


"From start to finish The Dash is a solid record that is a blast to listen to."

"Wafts of Springsteen and Rush will hit you like a blast furnace"

"Screaming roars of vocals combine with raucous guitar and thumping that sucker down drums to provide music that begs for answers to many fundamental questions." 

"...the band locks down into a pummeling rock groove that one could equally equate to The Stones and the better glam rock bands of the seventies and even, dare we say it, KISS." 

"Rare is the musical classicist who can inhabit a genre without coming off as a revivalist. On their fifth full-length album, The Dash, Milwaukee’s R. Mutt achieves that sort of classicism when it comes to classic rock."

Sep 19, 2017

Innisfree/R.Mutt reunion!

Saturday, April 28th, 1990 was the last time R.Mutt and Innisfree shared a stage.   October 2017 we are going to do it all over again.   Andy Kochanski has once again rolled out the red carpet for us and we are excited to again share the stage with some of our good buddies from the old college days.  Unofficial master of ceremonies, Tim Nau, has taken a break from his full time social media job to reunite a classic Innisfree line up, including Brian Kelly (vocal) Dave Moser and Colin Watts (guitars), and Peter Carr (drums.)  

Come on out to relive your favorite black out.   We may have some old school Mutt cassettes to give away and maybe some Avalanche t-shirts for sale.

Doors at 7:00, bands will start about 9:00pm.    Kochanski's is a quick Uber away at 1920 South 37th Street, Milwaukee.

Jul 10, 2017

R.Mutt Rock Show

Hey kids, Summer is in full swing so grab your favorite guy or gal and head on down to Linneman's for a rare early R. Mutt Rock Show.

7:00 Door
8:00 Dave and Paul Project
9:00 R. Mutt

Apr 18, 2017

Saturday, May 20th: Linneman's Riverwest Inn Fight Nite!

Jim Linneman has built a real Milwaukee institution.   A great room, with a proper stage, and great sound that hosts local and regional performers on the steady.  We are super excited to be returning to Linneman's Riverwest Inn for our Milwaukee Vinyl release party for our new record, The Dash.

Choosing who to split the bill with was as easy as a phone call.  It's a rematch of the March 2012, epic throw down between the fresh, young upstarts, Stereoactive and the grizzled old men of R. Mutt.  Punches were thrown, lines were crossed, blood was drawn.   We expect more of the same at this match.

Mar 27, 2017

And on the third day...

That's right.   We are back in Chicago and this time with a little more time for everyone to plan.   Sure it is Easter weekend, but what are you going do Saturday night anyway.    We will have more updates on start time and all, but until then, you can grab your presale tix and save a buck by visiting TicketFly HERE.  (or here: https://www.ticketfly.com/purchase/event/1456595)

Feb 20, 2017

Hideout. Chicago. Dexateens

We were lucky enough to get to play with Lee Bains III and the Glory Fires back in 2013.   We are thrilled to be playing with his old buddies the Dexateens this Friday at the Hideout.   Besides being fans of the band, we love the venue and have been looking forward to a chance to play here.

Doors are at 9:30.   10:00 R. Mutt, 11:00 Dexateens.

Come on out for some full volume rock and roll.

Hey man, is that Freedom Rock?

Quick update to everyone who has placed preorders. All digital orders should be filled with a link to where you can download the MP3, FLAC or WAV versions of the new record. CD's came in two weeks ago and we just finished shipping out all of the orders.

The LPs have been delayed a bit.   Right now we are waiting on the final test pressing for review and are hopeful we will be shipping in late March or early April.

Watch for updates on shows and additional merch coming soon, and in the mean time TURN IT UP!