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The Dash is R. Mutt's 5th full length recording of original music.   The record marks the first studio appearance of both Dave Smolarek on guitar and Matt Schreier on drums.   The band's primary song writers, Ron Thornton and Jim Dier, return with help from Matt and Dave as well as new producer, Kevin Blackwell.  Lending lyrical help were Jamie Kane and Michael Stodola.

The record has a strong sound due to both the production direction from Kevin but also the expert mixing done by Chet Lyster (The Eels, The Jayhawks, Lucinda Williams.)   Trevor Sadler of Mastermind Productions handled the vinyl and digital mastering.

The Dash - Production Notes

Produced by Kevin Blackwell
Mixed by Chet Lyster
Mastered by Trevor Sadler
Additional percussion, guitar and vocals by Kevin Blackwell and Chet Lyster
Art and Design by Carl Schulz III and Al Luening

Songs written by:
In the Dash (Dier/Thornton)
Pushing Tin (Dier/Thornton, Kane)
Captain Sidewinder ((Dier/Thornton)
Hypocrite (Dier/Thornton, Schreier, Smolarek)
Never Look Back (Dier/Thornton, Schreier, Smolarek)
Everyday (Dier/Thornton, Stodola)
Glass Citadel (Dier/Thornton, Schreier, Smolarek)
Mystery (Dier/Thornton, Smolarek)
It Started as a Story (Dier/Thornton, Stodola)
Coal Black Heart (Blackwell, Dier/Thornton, Schreier, Smolarek)
Queen of Speed (Blackwell, Dier/Thornton, Kane)

Past Releases and Free Streams

With a playing career started in 1988 producing five full-length releases, an EP, and a more than a few bootleg live shows, we have built up a fairly large collection of music.   When asked about what we should have on our website for people to listen to it just seemed to make sense to share it all.   There are a load of things up here that we wish we could have spent a few more hours on and some lyrics that today, seem a little silly, but hey, it all really happened and we found new friends and fans at every stop.   With that, here is just about everything that we have.

(2011) Leash on Life <more info>  <iTunes>

(2007) Heptane  <more info>  <iTunes>

(1996) Earth to Guy <more info>  <iTunes>

(1991) Steamin' Hot Coolie <more info>  <iTunes>

Audience recordings of live shows