Huge thanks to all our friends and fans that take the time to capture video at our shows or make videos using our recorded music!    If you ever get a good one posted, drop us a note and we will get you a shirt, CD or other swag.   If you have an interest in using any of our music for other video projects, just reach out and we will make sure you have the right file type needed for your project.

Four Videos from our set opening for the Dexateens in February 2017.   Also, Jamie's first show on kit for us.

Live video of our unreleased song Everyday. Thanks to Heather for capturing and posting!

 Live video of Drew singing Guided By Voices' Motor Away... again, thanks to Heather.

Live video from The Ace Bar (thank you Jason Pope!)

Live video from Linneman's Riverwest Inn March 3rd 2012 show.

Live video from Elbo Room Dec 30th 2011 show. Assembled from iphone and house camera feed.

Quick video put together from live footage from Jigglesfest 2011 and our practices leading up to the show.