Feb 15, 2011

Earth to Guy (1996) ...come in guy

The name comes from an encounter Paul had at the old Chicago's Dog and Beef shop that was near the Sydney HiH building that housed The Unicorn on Juneau in Milwaukee. Seems Paul was staring up at the menu board for some time, lost in deep deliberation with himself, when a voice gradually came to his attention. Softly at first, slowly growing in volume.
"Guy. Hey Guy... Guy. Earth to Guy. Come in Guy."
Given that it took us over 3 weeks to decide between "The Mange," "Snagglepuss," and "Steamin' Hot Coolie" for the last one, Earth to Guy seemed like a slam dunk for our second album title.

You can click the player above to go to the hosting site to buy a download of the album. We also have copies of the original CD pressing available for sale on our Facebook merch page.

One of the original Milwaukee reviews of the album referred to it as a confused cross breeding of Black Sabbath and James Brown. I am not sure there is much more that can be said (positive or negative) about any record after that comment.

Notable performances on this one include Janet Planet singing back up on Nasty Weather (specifically her outro) and Randy Kombrek's guitar solo on Opus. We also had help on organ from Dan Type and Congas from Dave Schoepke.

Earth to Guy is still the most involved, and produced recording the band has done.