Feb 10, 2011

Steamin' Hot Coolie 1991 (or, And so it begins)

Here is our first recording from 1991. The band was two years old and six months prior to this recording we lost our lead singer. We were in the midst of transition from a cover band to an original band and, with a few exceptions, these are the first songs the band wrote. We went in planning on doing a 4 song demo tape for getting gigs but it turned into an eight song CD. It was all recorded and mixed in three days at the now defunct Nexus Studio in Waukesha, WI by Pat Lilley.

If the embedded player is not working, the direct link to the songs and free downloads is here:

You can click on the player above to go to the hosting site to buy the album download

Useless trivia
The other original songs which predate these but did not make it on to the disk were:
- Birth of a Nation
- The Epic
- It's Alright
- When I'm With You
- One Dime (which later showed up on Heptane)
- Threshold