Jun 7, 2012

Summerfest July 5th at 7:30pm

It is real.   R. Mutt at Summerfest.   Just in time for the 45th anniversary of the fest, and the 25th anniversary of the band.   On the strength of our 2011 release, Leash on Life, we were given a 7:30pm slot on the Potawatomi/Miller/Radio88Nine stage.

If you have never been to Milwaukee or Summerfest, this is a great excuse.   It is the biggest, most well attended music festival in the world with over 10 stages running for 12 hours a day for 10 days.   The day we are playing, July 5th, happens to be a free admission day.   As long as you arrive before 3:00pm, you get in for free.

Check out the official Summerfest site here:  www.summerfest.com to see all of the other great acts playing.

In addition, our absolute favorite band, Moloko Shivers is playing at 4:30 the same day.    So, plan to come out early for the free admission and to catch Moloko, then meet up with us over at the Potawatomi Stage at 7:30 for our show.