Aug 19, 2011

Think about it

The recording is done, we are now just tweaking mixes, then out for mastering and CD production. The end is in sight. If all goes as planned we will have the new CD with us at Bradford Beach on September 17th for our Jigglesfest show.

2011 marks the 25th anniversary of the very first Jigglesfest held at the Domes near Marquette's campus and we have some of the original musicians returning to perform at this one. In addition, R. Mutt will be playing again with two bands that we hold in the highest regard, Bumpy Jonas and Moloko Shivers. The early and mid 90's were filled with double billed shows around Milwaukee and Chicago with these two bands. Save the date and plan to come down to the beach to see us together again at Jigglesfest.

Jigglesfest FB Link
Story about history/revival of Jigglesfest

So, to celebrate all this good news here is another preview song for you. Ron gets most of the credit for Think about it, but the final product was a team effort with everyone lending a hand.

You can click the player above to go to the hosting site to download the song for free (When asked to enter your price, choose $0.00 and you will be asked for your email address - No Spam, Promise.)

The song is available for free, but should you choose to spend $5 or more on any of our downloads we will get you the full album download for free when it is done. If you spend over $10 we will mail you a CD.

FB Store Updated. If you mosey on over to the R. Mutt Activewear Store at Facebook you will see that we have made the two new shirts available for online ordering. If you don't want to show up at Jigglesfest wearing that tire old Mutt activewear, hit up the online store and get yourself set up with the new sexy style.