Jul 31, 2011

Beautiful Bad Day, New song, New Shirts, New Record Store

Days turned into weeks on us and this second preview song from our upcoming album is a little later than planned, but here you go. The original lyrical frame work for the verses has been around since Paul ripped it out during the initial Heptane writing sessions. We married a new chorus with the original idea then tweaked the lyrics as we were tightening up the form.

This song will be unique on the album because the guitar, bass and drums come from a writing practice that Paul, Ron and Jim happened to record. When it came time to start recording for the album we just went back to this practice tape and decided to use it. Dan came late to the party and laid down most of the guitar you hear from the left speaker as an overdub.

You can click the player above to go to the hosting site to download the song for free (When asked to enter your price, choose $0.00 and you will be asked for your email address - No Spam, Promise.)

The song is available for free, but should you choose to spend $5 or more on any of our downloads we will get you the full album download for free when it is done. If you spend over $10 we will mail you a CD.

NEW SHIRTS! A big thanks again to Whitney and Julie at Orchard Street Press, our favorite eco-friendly screen printing company, for the great new product.

We have not had time to update our facebook store yet, but here are the two new shirts available. You can just email with your size requirements and we will send you a paypal invoice. Total with shipping is $13.

R.Mutt at Rush-Mor Records! If you have never been to Rush-Mor Records you are really missing out. Great selection new and used CD's as well as Vinyl. Head in and ask Bill or Dan where they are hiding the R. Mutt. They have Earth to Guy and Heptane in stock now.

You can also find Rush-Mor on facebook and 'LIKE' them to keep in the loop on instore performances and updates on all kinds of live music around Milwaukee.