Jul 18, 2012

Shank Hall, July 28th (A reunion of sorts...)

Paul last played with us at Jigglesfest 2011

Whoa, this is coming up fast on the heels of a great show at Summerfest 2012 (pictures coming soon!)    We are playing a week from Saturday at one of our favorite Milwaukee clubs, Shank Hall.   Shortly after signing on for the date Matt told us he had a conflict so we turned to our good friend, and original R. Mutt founding member, Paul Leckie, to fill in behind the drum set.

We are going to be joined by an early incarnation of Surrender Dorothy and Chicago Singer/Songwriter Grace Heuer's full band project, The Gracie Lou Revue.   The doors open at 8:00pm and the music starts right at 9:00.

We are looking forward to playing with Paul again and have dusted off a pile of oldies from our early albums that we will sprinkle in with new material from Heptane and Leash on Life.    Hope to see you there.