Aug 4, 2013

Moses' Gunn and R.Mutt make beautiful music together

They call themselves Moses' Gunn now, but we still remember them as the misshapen band built upon a love of 70's funk and grilled cheese sandwiches formerly known as Bumpy Jonas.  

Kochanski's has been on our list of clubs we want to play ever since Andy Kochanski took over and breathed fresh life into this famed Milwaukee drinking institution.   Since then Andy has turned the Concertina Hall into a safe haven for touring bands from all genres of music as well as a comfortable home for homegrown Milwaukee acts.    Forever a supporter of original music, we are excited to be working with Andy .   (5 stars on Yelp?  It must be the Shotski)

The show will start early and hopefully run late.   Get on down for some great beers and one of Milwaukee's best bars.

This is a NO COVER show, so it is free.  Free! I tell you!
R.Mutt is playing at 9:00 and 11:00.
Moses' Gunn at 10:00 and 12:00

Come on down and shake your ass.