Jul 4, 2016

"In short, I can play and I’m looking for other talented musicians."

In October of 2011, on the heels of the release of Leash on Life, R. Mutt placed an ad titled "Seeking Drummer."  Our first reply was from Matt Schreier.   He was brief, and to the point:
"I am a 41 year-old drummer, live in Crystal Lake and have been playing drums since I was a kid.  I’ve played everything from rock, blues, rockabilly/swing, jazz, country and metal. I’ve played out in venues ranging from a few drunk locals in a dive bar to crowded outdoor festivals in the summer. In short, I can play and I’m looking for other talented musicians.  Matt"
He showed up at our practice space, set up his kit and it took all of 45 seconds of playing together for us to know we had found our new drummer.  

This month Matt learned that his job is relocating him to the East Coast.   We have been lucky to have performed at Summerfest, Schuba's, Shank Hall, and to share the stage with the likes of Ike Reilly, Two Cow Garage, Stereoactive, and Lee Bains.  

Matt is an incredible drummer and about one of the best guys you could ever hope to hang with.   We are excited for our upcoming album that features Matt as part of the line up shown above.

Everyone from the extended R. Mutt family wishes Matt and his family the best on their new adventure and, R. Mutt is again, "Seeking Drummer."
Dave, Jim, Ron and Matt