Nov 17, 2016

New record mixing

Chet (\chĕt\): n - A masculine given name, often a nickname for Chester, which means fortress or camp.  

The Chet (\thə chĕt\):  prop. n - Name given to the current guitarist for the Jayhawks, longtime member of The Eels, sometimes guitarist for Lucinda Williams, and generally outstanding maker of music who took our songs from good to great.
Kevin Blackwell and Chet backstage at Turner Hall

What does Chet have to do with R. Mutt you ask?  Well, in addition to his many illustrious guitar slinging duties, he also happens to have some mad music mixing chops.   Kevin brought Chet to our project after working with him successfully on the last two Sassparilla records as well as Hillstomps' 2014 release, Portland, Ore.

Working remotely from his secret bunker in the Pacific Northwest, between legs of the current Jayhawks tour, Chet is being guided by Kevin to transform the angry bewailing that is R. Mutt into a mellifluous, auditory offering suitable for the ears of the masses.

We have not had the opportunity or pleasure of meeting or speaking with Chet, but we are told he is generally enjoyable to be around.


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