Jun 3, 2011

A promise is a promise.

Things at Camp Mutt move at more of a bulldog than greyhound pace. We are making progress on the new album and it is sounding great, but it is taking longer than expected. Right now we are done with vocals but have a few back up vocal ideas we are going to try out. Ron has finished all his guitar work and Dan is about halfway through his solos. Jim has a few bass flubs that need fixing and Paul is threatening to go all Neil Peart on us with some auxiliary percussion experimentation.

However, we did promise to share some rough mixes prior to the release of the album. We have set up a temporary album at our Bandcamp Page where we have posted the first preview song, Fighting. Fighting started with an idea from Ron that we worked on a bit as a band and then Ron and Paul pounded out the chorus melody and lyrics to wrap it up. The back ups are Dan and Jim (Dan should be on the left, Jim on the right.)

Note that the songs that we post to this album will not have been properly mixed or mastered... for that reason they may play back quieter than other songs on your ipod or phone. If you download for free, enjoy. If you donate any money for the download we will see that you get the properly mixed and mastered track for free once complete.

You can click the player above to go to the hosting site to download the song for free (When asked to enter your price, choose $0.00 and you will be asked for your email address - No Spam, Promise.)

We should be back in about 2 weeks with another rough mix to share. Thanks for listening.